RSVP to The Wall That Heals - Ft. Worth, TX


Host: RFDTV American Semi – Finals
Location: FT Worth Stockyards Museum Parking Lot                                
611-661 E Exchange Ave                                
Fort Worth, TX                      
Tuesday 2/14 
Meetup Location: La Grave Field is: 301 NE 6th St, Fort Worth, TX 76164  
09:30     am                         Meet up for escort
10: 15    am                         Ride briefing
10:30     am                         KSU – escort departs
11:30     am                         Escort joins with longhorn parade
12:00     pm                         Arrives at site – Media Briefing
1:00       pm                         Setup of The Wall
6:30       pm                          Volunteer training meeting
Wednesday, 2/15              Semi Finals – Rodeo 2/15-18
The Wall open 24 hrs. for visitors
Thursday, 2/16
The Wall open 24 hrs. for visitors
Friday, 2/17
The Wall open 24 hrs. for visitors
Saturday 2/18
The wall opens for visitors until 3:00 pm
3:00 pm                         The Wall That Heals closes
3:30 pm                         Breakdown the Wall that Heals 
Sunday 2/19 -       AT&T Stadium -  Arlington The American Final 
AT&T Stadium                1 AT & T Way                     Arlington, TX 76011                         
10:00   am                   The Wall That Heals* mobile Education Center will be on display. 
                                                (*The Wall That Heals will not be on display at this location)
1:30    pm                     The mobile Education Center closes