RSVP to The Wall That Heals - Harrisburg, PA




Location: State House 
South lawn of the K. Leroy Irvis Office Building
At the corner of Commonwealth and Walnut Street
Tuesday, May 8
Meetup Location: Army History and Education Center 950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle, PA
10:00   am                                Meetup
10:45   am                                Ride Briefing
11:00   am                                KSU- Depart
12:00   pm                               The Wall That Heals Escort arrives at the State House 
Wednesday, May 9
8:30    am                                 Set-up of The Wall  
4:00    pm                                Volunteer training
7:00    pm                                Opening Ceremony 
                                                The Wall open to the public after the ceremony
Thursday, May 10
The Wall is open 24 hours to visitors 
Friday, May 11
The Wall is open 24 hours to visitors
Saturday, May 12
The Wall is open 24 hours to visitors
Sunday, May 13
The Wall is open until 2:00 pm to visitors
2:00 pm                                    Field Cross Ceremony   -   The Wall closed at end of ceremony
2:15 pm                                   Takedown The Wall