RSVP to The Wall That Heals - West Springfield, MA


Host: West Springfield Dept. of Veterans Services
Location: Eastern States Exposition Center
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

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August 17 
Escort Meet-up location: Home Depot- 179 Daggett Drive, West Springfield
11:00 am   Meet up
11:45 am   Ride Briefing
12:00 pm   KSU – Escort begins
12:45 pm   Arrive Big E
12:45 pm   Media Briefing
2:00   pm   Volunteers setup The Wall That Heals 
7:00   pm   Volunteer training
August 18
The Wall is open for visitors 24 hours 
8:00 am      Kick-Off with Reveille, Dedication, and National Anthem  
11:00 am   Opening ceremony 
5:00 pm      Purple Heart Dedication Ceremony 
7:30 pm      Retreat - followed by poetry readings 
August 19
The Wall is open for visitors 24 hours 
8:00 am       Reveille
11:00 am     Vietnamese American Day Ceremony, including remarks from Massachusetts Vietnamese Community Leaders
7:30 pm       Retreat 
August 20
The Wall is open for visitors 24 hours 
7:00- 10:30 am    Breakfast at the Big E Fire House & Invocation
8:00 am        Reveille
11:00 am      Ceremony to Heal, Learn, Remember.
4:00 pm     Reading of Names (local)
7:30 pm     Lighting of Luminaries & Retreat
August 21
The Wall is open for visitors until 4:00 pm
8:00 am       Reveille with Boy Scouts of Western Massachusetts
11:00 am     Tea at the Fire House with Girl Scouts of Western Massachusetts
1:00   pm    Reading of Youth Essays with WS Vet Council | VFW
3:00   pm     Final Ceremony
4:00 pm       Break down The Wall
While visiting, please bring a photo of anyone you know who is honored on The Wall. Photos can be scanned for inclusion in VVMF's Wall of Faces.